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SeaQuarium offers all of it’s visitors a very fun and interesting way to learn a bit more about the sea that surrounds them and what lives in it. A lot of the creatures you find in English shores are here at the SeaQuarium. No matter your age or where you are from, there is just something very intriguing about these sea creatures and how they live. For us, the sea is a bit of a mystery and there are hundreds of questions still unanswered but seeing these animals up close in their habitat gives us a much better understanding of what goes on under there. Even if you have great knowledge on the marine world, we’re sure there is something new for you to learn here at our aquarium.

Come On Down To Clacton SeaQuarium

From our sea tank which is home to the smooth-hound sharks and sting rays all the way down to our shallow cove which has all of the crabs, lobsters and other crustaceans lurking inside, you can really get a good view of the diversity that our oceans have in them. But don’t think we only limit ourselves to the sea, we are also home to many fresh water and tropical fish. We have our very own ‘Finding Nemo’ tank where you can spot Nemo, Dory and all of their friends. Be sure to keep an eye out for our school of red bellied piranha’s, just don’t get too close. If you come at the right time you might even get to see some of our friends being fed.

All of our staff here at our SeaQuarium are passionate about what they do and have great knowledge in their field so if you have any questions then fire away. They take good care of all of our underwater creatures.

Off Season Opening Times                           On Season Opening Times

Monday                                          CLOSED Monday                                      11am-5pm
Tuesday                                          CLOSED Tuesday                                      11am-5pm
Wednesday                                    CLOSED Wednesday                                11am-5pm
Thursday                                        CLOSED Thursday                                    11am-5pm
Friday                                             CLOSED Friday                                         11am-5pm
Saturday                                         11am-5pm Saturday                                     11am-5pm
Sunday                                           11am-5pm Sunday                                        11am-5pm


Under 2’s
Groups (of 20+)

Group bookings & discounts are available – Visit our website for more information.

Kids Fun

| Aquarium

| Sea Life

1 North Sea, Clacton-on-Sea


CO15 1QX

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