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Your animals are going to be happy that you’ve chosen Direct Animal Feeds. We provide a premier choice of livestock, pet food and poultry feed for a variety of animals. Our aim is to maintain the needs of pet owners by selling only the highest standard products and top quality foods, this way we can assure that the animals eating our products are getting all of the right nutrients that they need.

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We provide all major horse feed brands to ensure your horse is getting the nutrition and goodness that they need for a healthy lifestyle. Being one of the premier horse feed suppliers in and around Colchester we have a very good reputation and regular custom as our customers are assured our products are nothing but the best.

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On-site parking facilities are available, so loading the feed is more convenient for customers. For more information visit our website or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Don’t forget to like and follow our social media pages for regular updates, imagery, offers and news. We’ll look forward to seeing you soon!

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