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Does the thought of becoming an entrepreneur intimidate you? Or maybe you are already an entrepreneur but aren’t sure of what steps to take next? Meek is a complete networking ecosystem with the tools and community to excel you and your business. As an investor, you can find an unlimited supply of hungry individuals and high potential startup businesses to get involved with. You can take online training courses, attend events, find or become a mentor yourself and so much more. Our unique social platform is where students, entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors collaborate to bring new ideas and business ventures into reality. Download our social networking app now by clicking on the buttons further down this page.

Giving young entrepreneurs and students the ability to connect with mentors, investors and like minded people who have faced the same problems or already grown a brand in the same industry. You can quickly gain experience and knowledge on how to tackle any future issues. On the flip side, it allows investors the ability to easily find and conversate with startups and entrepreneurs. This makes it simple to see how they can help each other. There are an unlimited supply of eager individuals who are ready to flex their business concepts. Unfortunately they lack the capital, tools and mentors who can take them to the next step. This is where Meek comes in.

Most importantly, Meek is you! Our members come from bright student minds, resilient entrepreneurial mentors, strategic investors, and supporting societies, all collaborating together to build a bright future.

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Our networking ecosystem can provide supportive guidance, collaboration, mentorship, events, development, and even financial sponsorship. It is your one stop shop for business growth and cooperation. Join societies where discussions take place about all kinds. Societies which are related to your passion can be super helpful in a variety of ways. Seeing other successes in your field is always a great way to enthuse yourself. There will be lots of tips and secrets shared through these societies to help you in your ventures. Together, the network we build can help revolutionize the future of our world. By bringing more innovative businesses and organizations to fruition we bring ourselves one step closer.

Meek is honored to be partnered with a growing list of higher education institutions and business organizations worldwide, including University of Oxford, Birkbeck University of London, University of Surrey, Vistage, Teen Entrepreneur, UGWUMBA Leadership Center, and so many more who support taking this social networking app to the next level.

If you’re looking for a passionate and driven individual to join your company or team then check out the student section to see lots of potential candidates who are studying or excel in the profession you need them for. You can recruit talent straight out of education to become the next member of your team. Meek is the connection between those who have done great things and those who would follow in their footsteps long enough to cut new pathways for others to do the same.

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Meek is a social networking app and collaborative website that increases communication, learning, sharing and builds strong connections between entrepreneurs of all ages. But, we are also so much more! You can find out lots more about Meek over on our website. Alternatively, download the app now using the buttons below and begin to explore for yourself. You can speak to one of our friendly team by using the contact details found on this page. Follow our social media platforms when you can be kept up to date with all of our latest news and information. Be the first to know about our latest news.

A social platform for Students, Entrepreneurs, Universities, Entrepreneurial Societies, Businessmen, Mentors and Investors. A safe haven for people who want to set up their start up dreams, find people with similar ideas, collaborate with businesses, learn and grow. A place for mentors and investors to seek ideas and businesses to invest in.

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