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Caroline Shearer started the charity Only Cowards Carry Weapons Awareness after her 17 year old son sadly was fatally stabbed on the 8th September 2012. Caroline noticed there was no provision on the curriculum the ‘awareness of weapons’ and felt something needed to be put in place. Caroline Shearer continued to investigate further education given to children at schools, and discovered that although children were being taught a variety of awareness areas such as internet safety, road safety and even sex education from as young as 7 years old, there was no provision for Weapons Awareness education. Only Cowards Carry Team attend schools, academies, colleges, youth clubs and prisons delivering a tailored weapons awareness workshops to help bring that awareness to not only young children but to everybody in general.

Weapon Awareness & Support Charity In Clacton

Continually driven by the devastating loss of her son Jay, Caroline and her team has worked tirelessly to promote Only Cowards Carry Weapons Awareness in the hope that young people understand the stark facts, true reality and major consequence of knife crime. The ‘down-to-earth’ courses are graphically designed to leave no doubt of the damage that can be inflicted by a knife (and other dangerous weapons) and just how quickly one accidental or not wound can prove fatal and life threatening. They’re aimed at preventing young people choosing to carry a dangerous weapon in the future.

Our mission:

• To raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife or any other dangerous weapon
• To petition for tougher action against knife crime and violence.
• To change the mindset of teenagers who think they are ‘cool’ and ‘safe’ carrying a weapon
• To go into schools and educate young children at an influential age on weapon awareness

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