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Keep your business connected with our 24/7 Telephone Answering service.

From only 80p a call you can have your own dedicated PA on hand whenever you need.

Telephone Answering

The success of every business depends on how it responds to its customers. Missed or unanswered calls often mean a missed opportunity and potentially losing a client to a competitor. By using PA2GO’s Call Answering Service you never miss a call as it is designed to help new businesses to make the most of every attempt to contact your company.

Our packages allow start-ups and entrepreneurs to manage their budgets while receiving a PA service of the highest quality. We present a professional and courteous image for your brand and focus on the admin so you can concentrate on other areas of the business. You’ll never miss an opportunity and your conversion rates will instantly become much higher.

  • UK based PA’s: All of our PA’s are based in the UK which means we deliver high levels of communication when dealing with your customers.
  • Free Telephone Number: Tell us your preferred area code and we will do the rest. This will allow your customers to contact you without paying a penny.
  • Relationship Building: We take the time to get to know all of our customers. This enables us to understand their business needs so we can align our services to achieve their goals and expectations.
  • Time saving: Rather than getting bogged down with admin work, our Telephone Answering Service deals with all the small details so you can focus on driving and developing new sales for the business.
  • Missed calls: You never have to miss a call again thanks to our dedicated PA’s. You tell us the hours you need us on hand for and we ensure all call-backs and enquiries are handled professionally.
  • 24/7 Support: The flexibility of our service means you can use us even when you are not in the country. This keeps you directly connected to your business no matter the time zone.
  • Fast Communication: You dictate the details taken on every call and our PA’s will ensure they capture all the information you need before passing it on straight away for you to respond.
  • No Hidden Costs:We believe in building relationships built on trust which means our price plans are easy to understand so you know exactly what you are paying at all times.

A personalised service

Any client or prospective new customer calling into the business will never know you are using an outsourced service. They are greeted with your company name before being patched through to the phone number of your choice. If you are not able to take the call a message will be taken and passed on straight away.

Over time you will get to know the small team of PA’s allocated to your business by name, as will your regular customers. This personalised approach gives you assurance you are working with PA’s who understand the needs of your business, while putting customers at ease with familiar and friendly voices.

A flexible approach

PA2GO’s Telephone Answering service offers a flexible solution for every business, no matter how large or small your need. We respond to your requirements so you always have a reliable and adaptable front-desk partner on hand, adding to your brand and helping your business to grow.

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